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About Assessments

Assessments are not tests. They are, simply put, a series of questions to help us figure out how to help you. You cannot fail! 


Numeracy & Literacy Assessment


Once you have made the decision to upgrade your skills, and in order to provide you with exactly the right help, we ask that you complete a free Numeracy and Literacy Assessment. This is not a test!


The Assessment helps us understand your abilities and goals and to design a training plan and curriculum specifically tailored to you. Depending on your  current skills and upgrading requirements, we may be able to refer you to other relevant Literacy Agencies, in the community, that would be better suited to meet your needs.





If your goal is to gain skills relevant to a specific job, we ask that you complete a Standardized Employment Readiness Assessment. We will then be able to direct you to specific areas where Upgrading will help you meet your goals.


We are accredited to perform the Communications and Math Employment Readiness Assessments (CAMERA).


This is a series of standardized tests to determine placement level, areas for skills improvements, areas of proficiency and employment readiness. The results from your assessment will provide valuable information that will help us tailor the training plan and curriculum that is right for you.  Through this process you will have the opportunity to work on literacy and numeracy upgrading using authentic workplace documents.

To request more information:

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8:00 A.M - 3:00 P.M.

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